Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year !!!..... Bring on 2011

I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year. We are keeping it low key this year, hubs needs to work. So its just going to be me and the 4-year old. So I am thinking our night will be consisting of......

Pizza, Popcorn and Redbox Movies

and after the 4 year old goes to bed.......

a couple of Crantini's for Me
1 Cup of Cranberry Juice
1/4 Cup of Orange Juice
1/2 Cup of Vodka
1 teaspoon of real lime juice

shake with ice and serve with a garnish of lime.
I made these on Christmas and even the Hubs liked them !!!!

Jenn over at Tatertots and Jello posted a few yummy dip recipes and I left her one too but wanted to share it here. I'm not sure what it is called but it is delicious !!!
Layer in a pie dish (our whatever you have handy) Bake at 350 degrees
1 block of cream cheese
1 jar of salsa
1 bag of shredded Mexican cheese
(Now I just eye the layers with the salsa and cheese and add more or less)
Pop it in the oven and let cheese melt and get bubbly. Serve with Tortilla Chips.
Enjoy !!!!!!

Happy 2011 !!!!!

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