Sunday, December 19, 2010

Makeover Madness

I found this at the Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago. It was marked $2.99 but it was half off day. So $1.50 wasn't to bad and I had plans for this guy.....big plans...........

Pretty right ? Got to love the cherries/tomatoes ??? painted on it.
Well after some sanding, patching, more sanding and a few coats of paint I was thrilled.

Ain't she pretty now, all dressed up the the Holidays

Dollar store battery operated candles
Free pine boughs and pine cones from the yard
I did the black oval with chalkboard paint, just need to decide what to write.

Don't mind the silver tea pot in the background, the 4 year old was having tea this afternoon with the "Snowman Pillow"
Yes she can be strange creative sometimes

So basically for under $5 I have a great centerpiece for my table.
Typically I would of just walk by this thing if I wasn't thinking "makeover"

Happy Crafting !!!!

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  1. It turned out great, Well done!
    What a difference a little paint can make.
    I like the saying "BE MERRY" a the moment.

    My 4 year old loves tea parties too.

    Wishing you & your family a
    Merry Christmas

    P.s Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment

  2. Wow, this is so gorgeous. Good for you for spotting its makeover potential! I'm still not very good at that!

    I love the way you've chosen to paint it - and with the blackpoard oval. Lovely, lovely!!

    So, you say it was your daughter having tea with the pillow???? I think we all know it was you......!!!!!!! :-)


  3. Yep, much cooler now! Gotta love the Salvo!

  4. You made a great centerpiece but I love that your daughter was having tea with the snowman pillows. So sweet.



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