Thursday, February 3, 2011

My life with the 4 Year Old.....

Me and the 4 year old have been cooped up at home with all of the wonderful winter weather we have been having and today FINALLY she had school. After her long 2 1/2 hour day I came upon this......nothing like stretching out on the living room floor after a long day of gluing, singing and having a snack.
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And now after this photo session she is demanding pancakes for dinner.
Don't you love my Entertainment Center ??
Two foot lockers and an Ikea foot stool. Isn't it lovely?....ugh.       
 I am on the look out for something the is a little more pleasing to the eye and not alot of money.

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  1. Hey - love reading your stuff. Have you ever seen Ana White's blog? She's a lady in Alaska who builds all of her own furniture and has instructions for others to do it, too. It's pretty great!



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