Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have been wanting to make one of these Valentine Topiary ever since I saw this over on Craftomaniac. (Ok I'll admit she is one of my blog crushes !!!!!) I went to pick up some supplies to make this beautiful thing. Now I have not bought styrofoam other than from the Dollar Store in a very looooong time and wow its expensive and I was using my coupon on something else I needed. Then I remembered I have a bunch of these left over from another project......

Wiffle Balls !!!!!!
4 for $1.00
Now thats more of my cup of tea.
(I had on planned on using paper and packing tape to create my shape I needed but the 4 year old used them as snowballs and kept throwing them. Cheap and easy entertainment I then thought.)

So I gathered everything up and was ready to go and then of course the 4 year old got invloved. She saw cupcake liners and to her that means cupcakes and she would not let me use them. Seriously she got all upset after I glued one on. Alrighty what ?????
I had just made my beautiful, lovely, just what I wanted Coffee Filter Wreath

So I had extra filters laying around. Yeah Me !!!!
So with the Wiffle Balls and the Coffee Filters I came up with this.

I am liking loving the coffee filters.
I can use this for a while other than Valentine's
Just change the ribbon and heart on pail and this will work for Spring too.
That is if we have a Spring I mean come on already I am beginning to think I'll be looking at snow until July 4th at the rate we are going....ok enough venting for today.

So I introduce you to my Valentine Topiary Tree

My Poofy Tree
(or as the 4 year old calls it Poopy Tree)

Happy Crafting !!!!!

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