Friday, June 3, 2011

BIG BIG news !!!!!!!!!!

You know how I said previously big things were in the works, then I said I felt like I am in a ditch ?? Well now things have finally all fell into place. All of the stars have aligned and with perstitance we can make things happen. My BIG NEWS is............

WE ARE MOVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup thats right. We are getting out of the cold harsh winters of New England.
We are moving in 27 days.

I need to declutter. Time to donate.

I need to decide what is actually going to go
I need to pack and pack and pack

Because I don't think the Hubs wants to drive this
The 4 year old and I are flying down early and vacationing with Grammie
(driving with her for a long period of time just isn't a great

Yes folks we are MOVING to FLORIDA !!!!!!!!!

Our New Home

View of the pool

Nearby Beach

I think I am going to LOVE it.
You see I have lived in the same area for 40 plus years.
Yes my entire life same place same area
Best thing is about moving
My MOM will only be an hour away.

So now I need to pack up my new crafting area so Part II will happen later on
My Esty shop is on hold for now and will open once we settle in.
My blogging with be filled with craziness for the next few weeks.
I need to gather ideas for my new home.
I can't wait to have a new place to decorate and of course it needs to be on a budget.
This will be fun !!!!

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