Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Kindergarten Adventure Begins.......

This is it.
The 5 year old starts Kindergarten tomorrow.
I would do cartwheels if I

I didn't realize with the start of Kindergarten I would be required to purchase so many different supplies for her classroom and after THREE different lists I think I finally got everything.
Yes I said THREE !!!!

Her Kindergarten is going to be full time
Again more cartwheels.....
With the full time status she will be required to have "rest" time
If you know my 5 year old..."rest" time isn't in her vocabulary.

With "rest" time comes a mat to rest on.
Well not a mat....a towel has been requested.
A plain old towel. With her name BOLDLY on it.

May I present her new "rest" time towel for Kindergarten

Even the 5 year old gives it a thumbs up.

I picked up a towel (on sale) at Target. Stitched on some ribbon from my stash.
Used a small piece of muslin and embroidered her name on it and stitched that on.
Added a flower and some more ribbon to tie it closed.
Now she has a pretty towel to "rest" on
Or knowing her..... she'll use it as a cape to fly around her classroom. 

Not me.....

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