Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thrifty Find Makeover....Fall Mantel Sneak Peek

Before we moved I had a box of things that I had found at Salvation Army that I did not want to part with. It was mostly things that needed to make over, those things that you see the potential in. Those things you have the idea for but yet they still sit in a box. I had found a pair of ugly brown wooden wall sconces that I thought with a little sprucing they could look great.

 mine aren't actually like this but you get the idea of the finish

They were $2.99 for the pair.
I bought them of a 50% off day.
I had a vision.
With some sanding and painting.
And sanding again.

Added a glass candle cup to hold votives.
Because burning tapers on a wall just doesn't thrill me.

Hung them up on the wall.
With a sneak peek of my new Fall Mantel.
Yes I now live in Florida and I now have a Fireplace.
Go Figure.
More on that later.

She is so sparkly and pretty.


  1. Love how it turned out! Can't wait to see the full mantel reveal :)

  2. noo wayyy I couldn't even tell that these were the same thing! I love these! I am SO happy and thrilled to hear from you! I have missed you! :o)



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