Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ikea Wish List

I want to go to Ikea.
It's more like I NEED to go to Ikea.
And I got to go today.
Yeah for me !!!!

Now we all know I have been working on my New Creative Space
I am getting giddy about it.
It is truly going to be mine.

So I needed a table, something to craft on
The biggest factor was size
Its not a huge space and we rent
 So doing something built in was not going to work
And of course there is the budget.

So I was cruising the Ikea website
Looking for stuff inspiration
And I came across a section called
Table Tops and Legs
Ok this might work.......

39 3/8" long
I had 40" of space.
BINGO it fits

Ok I'm thinking cheap cost = cheap table
Boy was I wrong !!!
Nice thick table top, sturdy legs
I got it today.
It looks BEAUTIFUL !!!!
It does come in different sizes and different colored legs
I did the white top with silver legs
It's a nice addition to my new space.

Now I want this.........

It is made to fit under this table.
Oh the storage possibilities !!!!

Do you have an Ikea Wish List?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kim,
    I love Ikea and I also am redoing a closet into a storage, desk area. Hope to post a blog about it soon. Love the wall treatment you are doing.



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