Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My NEW Creative Space Part 2 ......Book Page Wall Treatment

Do you know what happens when you pull everything about that involves your crafting?
No crafting gets done !!!
So its full force ahead to get this new space DONE.
You can read about the challenge in my Part 1

Like I said before I can not paint this space.
And something about looking at a white wall didn't seem to inspiring.
Step in an old dictionary I have been creating with and we get

Book Page Wall Treatment

Alot of pages and ALOT of tape is all it took
and I still haven't put a good dent into the book.

I love how this looks
My craft table will sit in front of of this

I do not love the view I have.
I had to find something to cover this.
And of course when I cleaned out the closet I found the perfect thing
and of course I forgot to take a before picture
but trust me it was ugly looking.

A little bit of paint and a little bit of paper

So much better !!!
I love the POP of color the paper brings to it.

Cost so far for my NEW Creative Space.....

Old Book = on hand
Upcycled Cabinet = on hand
Paint for Cabinet (oops shelf at HD) = $2.00 for quart
Scrapbook Paper = on hand

Budget $50.00
Remaining balance $48.00

Hanging out with my friends.....

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