Sunday, August 12, 2012

A funny thing about my Mom....

I love my Mom.
She is one of the reasons we moved to Florida.
Sometimes she just cracks me up.
Someone in her neighborhood moved out.
They left a bunch of "stuff" in their driveway
(you know to be thrown away)
Well she took her truck down there and loaded it up.
She likes to DIY it just like me.

She got a big, heavy, beautiful mirror.
black frame, rectangle, imperfect glass.
It was a little beat and needed some tlc.
I wanted it.
It would look great over my mantel I told her.
She replied no its mine.
She had the perfect place for it in her foyer.
So she won that one.

So do you want to see the mirror she got for me a week later.....

Don't you love the gold detail ????
It's not even wood.
It's molded plastic.

My goal this week is to transform this to a beauty.
I decided to make it into a chalkboard.
I think its going to look great.
I am hoping it will look great.
And no Mom you can't have it back when its done.
Even though it might look great in your new kitchen.

But I do love my Mom.
She gave me the mirror and she gave me this too.....

It's my Birthday present.
My Birthday is in November.

I love my Mom.

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