Thursday, September 9, 2010

Glass table tops and a 4 year old.......

When we moved into are new apartment we had no living room furniture. So hubby promised me that we could go shopping (3 months later) we found a deal. I got a sofa, love seat, coffee table and 2 end tables, hubby got a 42" plasma TV. I love the furniture and it was a great deal. Only problem I am finding is the wonderful fingerprints that are all over the tables, courtesy of our 4 year old. Well I came up with a solution for now anyway to go along with my fall decor

                                                     Table before

Table after......I LOVE burlap

Table with fall decor

All I did was remove the glass, cut the burlap a little larger in size and used tape to adhere it underneath and place it back on the table. I love the dark would and didn't want to hide it with a tablecloth. And the 4 year old would take the round place mats off the table and use them as dolly blankets.

If it does get stained or dirty its cheap easy enough to replace
I still have the other end table and coffee table to do (and decorate!!!)

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