Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Creative Picture Gallery

I spent my Labor Day holiday working on decorating my home (in general & for Fall) I rent, the walls are WHITE and we can't paint...ugh. So I need to get real creative to tone down all of these BRIGHT WHITE walls.

First project of the day was dealing with this wall in the dining room near the kitchen. I have a lovely buzzer smack dab in the middle of it and from day of one of living here kept wondering what to do with this wall. Well I finally came up with an answer.

Create a Picture Gallery !!!!!

and frame that dang buzzer !!!!!!!!!

I stiil need to find some more pictures/prints to fill in some more. I want to add some more frames along the bottom, time to pull out the black spray paint. I just filled in the empty frame with scrapbooking paper for now (I am so addicted to this and I don't even scrapbook) I was actually inspired by "Under the Table and Dreaming" by Stephanie Lynn to do this. {here}

Thanks Stephanie for the inspiration.

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