Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday and the Hubs

I just could not bring myself to head to the stores today, my plans for the holiday gift giving is pretty much going to be handcrafted. Well that won't sit well with the 4 year old. She sits with the ads and says I want this and I want that ( trying to explain to her that "Santa" can't bring "everything" to her is becoming a difficult topic) and to top that everything she wants has to have a princess theme to it. She got me with the Target ad with the 7 princess dolls on the back page. A cringed at the thought of fighting for that and unfortanely on line ordering was not an option.

The Hubs works the 3rd shift and he had to go in at midnight, we share a car so being at Target at 4am was not going to happen and with him being at work dragging the 4 year old along wouldn't work for the "Santa". The Hubs knew I was stressing about this so after working a 9 hour night he stopped at Target on his way home and got it !!!! Along with some movies she wants too !!!

The best thing he did and also brought me home a Christmas Tree, I have a tradition of it going up the day after Thanksgiving and we had lost ours 2 years ago ( we didn't have a tree last year) What a guy !!! He made 2 ladies very happy today (the 4 year old just doesn't know it yet)

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