Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organized Challenge #5 - Under the Kitchen Sink

First off all I can say I am in love with Toni at A bowl full of lemons. This challenge and her has made me look at things in an entirely new way. I want everything to be pretty, organized and easy to find. I can't wait to see what else this challenge is going to bring. I hope will continue with things after the challenge is over and tackle those other areas that might not get taken care of. Its been great to see everyone elses results, and even sharing ideas. I love Toni and all her ideas, I love the way things are starting to look around here, and I love being able to blog and share everything. Ok now off to under the kitchen sink..........

Come on you got to love the wallpaper that use to be here....

After clearing things out, and wondering why I have 2 bottles of everything open ???
Oh yeah, when I couldn't find something I opened another one.
Luckily I was able to condense everything to one container

I scrubbed the base of the cabinet, put down some contact paper and use two baskets that I had on hand to seperate everything. Cleaning supplies and dishwashing items

I had a couple empty wipe containers that were empty (surprise surprise)
I threw on some contact paper and now one stores my scrubby pads and the other 
extra dust rags.

I found this awesome graphic at "The Graphics Fairy". Karen has some awesome stuff.
I saw this scrub brush and knew I had to use it somewhere.
I need to look for something for the other basket to compliment it

And of course anyone with a child needs this
Magic Eraser and Goo Gone.


  1. wow looks awesome! what a difference!! i am loving the challenge and blogging about it too

  2. Those are the secret weapons, to be sure!!! :) I think I grew up in a house w/ that wallpaper!

  3. I love the wallpaper. I remember seeing something very similar in my mom's house. Aren't you glad that isn't the style anymore? And, yes, magic erasers are essential with kids!



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