Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organized Challenge #4 - Can you actually fall in love with your linen closet ?????

Been a busy busy day getting caught up with the challenges that Toni has. I was DREADING doing my linen closet. I really don't have one but I have 3 storage closet within the apartment so I chose the smallest one which is located in the bathroom. Its narrow and deep it I have just let it get out of control. I started to pull everything out of it, then remembered pictures so I have a some of a few shelves (it has 5)

You can see all of the baskets that I purchased ages ago to straighten it up
Well that never happened

So I began to think (yes it can be dangerous if I start doing that)
I began to separate everything into categories
Plastic shoe boxes:
medicine, dental, first aid, and travel sizes
All those now live on the bottom shelf
Along with the 4 year olds bath caddy

Next shelf up is bath towels, you see they never lived in the bathroom before
They got washed and folded and lived in a laundry basket in the bedroom.

Above that my bath things.....I LOVE Bath & Body Works product
I always stock up during their clearance sales and I have a bad habit of using different ones
everyday. I change up the scents that fits my mood.
Big ole basket filled with all that yummy stuff and hey no reason you can't have come bling in there too.
$1 silver tray to pretty things up

Next up my everyday stuff.
Hair stuff, face stuff, toothbrushes, etc
All sorted in plastic baskets with extras tucked behind them

Now I am experimenting, I want to do something pretty along the edge of the shelf
To dress it up, I took some scrapbook paper and some fancy scissors and hole punch
hmmmmmmmmmm......not sure yet.........

I did it quick just as a test.......
It needs some work.....

Top shelf the Hubs can have

His plastic pail with his things
He doesn't use much
I could always stash things way up there.
He is 6'2" so he can reach easily unlike me, I need to drag out the stool.

I want to make some pretty labels and work on the edge detail on the shelves
but I am in love now what I can actually clarify as my "Linen Closet"

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  1. wow looks great! love the baskets and the scrapbook paper!!



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