Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organized Challenge #3 - (yeah I'm late) Tupperware Cabinet

After starting this challenge with full intention of keeping up with it daily life happened. One of the big problems was.......

The 4 year old started Pre-School
(yippeeee for me 2 1/2 hours to myself)
Ok so on her first day I said "Who cares about the challenge, I am a free woman !!!"
well alright maybe not exactly that but I was going to put it off for now.
I treated myself to a desperate haircut, stop at a nice little cafe for a little lunch and some coffee while I flipped through a few magazines that I have let pile up. Ahhhhhh the peace, the quiet, the I can get use to
Ok so reality kicked in and I thought I need to take advantage of this time to get stuff down
Honestly its amazing how much you can get done when you don't have a 4 year old tagging along.
Ok enough excuses I did get around to my challenge.

I have a very small cabinet that I store my tupperware in (and whatever else needs a quick home), I really don't use alot (I tend to use glass) I do have some small containers for snacks and such and some pitchers mixing drinks.

This is what happened when I opened the door
Nice huh?

I don't even use half of this stuff
After alot of purging and matching lids with containers.....

I love my Vera Lunch Bags !!!!

And YES my cabinets are this ugly dark brown color that I absolutely hate.
(I need to add some contact paper in this cabinet because I cheated and already did the under the kitchen sink challenge and what a difference which I'll post a bit later.)

I am loving this challenge and the Hubs knows better not to ask what I am up to.

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