Monday, January 3, 2011

Organized Challenge #2 - Desk Top

Another day another challenge. I have organizing ideas flying threw my head for every nook and cranny but instead of overwhelming myself we'll just do what Toni says. Our desk lives in the living room, and the hubs lives at the desk when he is home. So I snapped a pic Sunday night after I saw what the challenge was.

Yup this is what I live with, alright I'll take 2% of the credit for the mess.
Every couple of days I just make a pile for him to "take care of"
See that drawer? That is his drawer and well we won't go there.
Its Monday night and Hubs left for work........
I threw everything in a box and cleaned and wiped the desk and computer down
Moved the lamp and added some pretty boxes
(you see everytime I need an office supply I need to go rummage through a box that is in my bedroom closet)
So now the boxes hold a little bit of everything.

Yes that is the 4 year old of the screen. She stands there pointing and says "It's me. It's me "
Yup got to love the 4 year old
Awww, nice and clean
Just need to add some pretty things I think
Now the top of the desk is pretty worn and there is no budget fir a new desk
BUT I saw over at Bella: Before and After she had the same problem and
she used pretty CONTACT PAPER !!!!!
I NEED to get me some !!!!!!
I have given thought of modge podging the top but not sure how durable that would be
and contact paper seems so much easier.

How long this will actually last? Who knows .........


  1. LOL, I am resisting the urge to do more than what is on the challenge because god knows I have a ton of stuff in this house to go through and organize. I guess this is a good way though as you get that one task done, right?



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