Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Pop of Color

I have been trying to bring some color into my apartment. See we rent so we can't paint. The walls are white. I mean WHITE WHITE. It drives me crazy. So I end up painting things so I won't paint the walls.

We have all seen or have/had this type of cabinet
I mean I still do love it, it was a gift from a dear friend but it was getting tired looking.
and honestly I just hid things in here to get them out of the way.
hmmmmm.....this should qualify as part of my organizing

Ok can we say MAKEOVER......

I'm loving it !!!!!
I still do need to touch up inside a bit, ran out of paint
(would help if I add it to my list, I can never remember it when I'm out)
I backed it with some red toile fabric I have been holding onto for that special project.
Now its a nice pop of color in the corner that can hold pretty things that I love.

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