Friday, January 7, 2011

Organized Challenge Day #6 - Improvised Dresser Drawers

This was a tough one, you see I do not own a dresser. Not a single one. Zip, Zilch, Nadda. We pretty much started over when we moved and bedroom furniture, excluding beds were not a priority and the funds just are there for them. I do have a big closet in my bedroom in which I stored everything. In baskets, in totes, hanging and yes all over the floor. I just haven't been able to contain everything that it would work for me. That is until today.......I made a dresser, well sort of a dresser. You know those cubbies, those 9 cube things you can pretty much get anywhere. I had one for the 4 year old toys, well she would always pull the bins out and dump things together. It was a losing battle with her. Now I took the first step in resolving that matter.

Baskets for the intimates
Tops all folded in categories
So Pretty !!!!!!!

And on the top I added a mirror (the closet has the best lighting in the bedroom, go figure)
 I used a piece of the 4 year old crib that I have been saving.
Attached it to the wall and used cup hooks to hold some of my favorite necklaces
Added a pretty tray, my perfumes and a picture frame.
Now I have a "dresser"
the best things was free to put this all together

Now I did not take a before picture of the closet, it was bad and I just dove in
But this is what the other end of the closet looks like
(me and the 4 year old share a closet)

Yes this is embarrassing....what a mess !!!!!
Would you believe I packed up 3 trash bags worth of things just from my side of the closet?

I do love my new little area and I hope I finally found something that works for me.


  1. wow talk about beautiful! you rocked this challenge!!

  2. Looks SO great! I love everything super organized. Nice work!

    <3, New Follower

  3. Wow, what a great transformation! It reminds me of something they'd whip up on one of those tv shows about redecorating your space. WTG!

  4. So very creative. Your "dresser" looks amazing!



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