Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Organized Challenge Day #8 - Coat Closet or the closet you just keep shoving EVERYTHING in and close the door........

We all have these don't we ?? But after this 21 Day Organized Challenge at A bowl full of lemons we all should not have this problem anymore, right !!!???!!!. My days have all got turned around with my challenges but I have been working on other things too, like taking down the Holiday Decorations. Yes its January 11th and my tree is still up (well its packed in its box sitting on the floor in the living room) You see in order for me to put the decorations away I need to tackle this.....

Yup this is considered my "coat closet" but also its my storage closet. We rent in an apartment complex so we don't have an attic or basement to store things in. This is where the decorations are suppose to live.
So I pulled everything out of there.
The Hubs rolled his eyes and left.....lol....actually he was nice enough today to bring the 4 year old to school so I could get this done.
Clean, purge, trash, and add to the donate pile.....
And we get this.....

The christmas tree, fans and luggage now live on top because its not like I need them everyday
and the other shelves has things I need to be able to get to (craft supplies and gift wrap)
Yes the 4 year olds bike lives there too, we had a rack outside we could lock it to but I would hate for it to get ruined over the winter in the snow (she now goes in the closet and sits on it)
My totes of christmas decorations lives behind
I now can actually fit the ironing board and the vacuum cleaner in the closet now, yeah !!!!

I am loving the labeling and best of all I used those good ole
 Command Hooks to hold my shopping bags on the door (yeah those were buried in the bottom of the mess)
and the best thing.......I have extra room in there !!!!! go figure ????
I <3 Organizing !!!!

I'll be getting caught up in the next couple of days, we are getting a snow storm tommorrow so we'll be homebound which means "Time to Organize" !!!!!!


  1. Looks great!! I like the hooks on the back of the door ... good idea

  2. wow you did an awesome job!!! it looks great!!



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