Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let it snow....and snow and snow

Oh boy what a week !!! We got snow, alot of snow. I believe they said close to 18"...ugh. Thank god we don'y have to shovel. One of the benefits of renting. So with the snow meant no school. Just when I was getting use to a "few" hours to myself the 4 year old only went once this week. Her being home made just wasn't what I expected and well the Hubs got laid off this week too. So you can imagine I go from having some nice quiet time for me to everyone being home in the matter of days......sigh. I am still doing my 21 day Organized Challenge and yes I finally got all the Christmas stuff put away, well almost I still have my dishes in the hutch but they have hearts on them so maybe they'll just ride a bit longer.

I have been going through withdrawals. I haven't crafted since before Christmas. OMG right ???!!!??? My crafting is 1. My stress relief and 2. My happy place (as my Hubs calls it) So for the past two night I have sat in front of the TV making these.....

Rolled Felt Flowers

I use a cookie sheet on my lap to hold everything, I swear I have made over 60 of these things in different sizes. Check back to see what these became.
Wanted to check in, I feel like I haven't posted in ages.
Hope all is well with everyone.
Keep up the organizing and Happy crafting !!!!

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