Saturday, January 15, 2011

Organized Challenge Day(s) #9,10,11,12 & 13

Playing catch up here on my Challenges, some have been quite easy and well others I have been defeated, defeated by the 4 year old. Challenge #9 - Toys made me laugh. No matter how, what or where the toys are she wants them all together. I spend the time and seperate everything out in bins she dumps them all togerther. I was able to get rid of some things while she wasn't looking but I seriously need to really think about this and come up with something that we'll both be happy with.

Yes this is the face I get when I mention cleaning up the toys
Don't get me wrong she picks up her toys before she goes to bed but dumps everything together
Drives me CRAZY !!!!

Day #10 Laundry - Community Laundry Room
Day #11 Freezer - Done (forgot to take pick)

Day #12 Spice Cabinet

Is it sad I only own THREE spices ??!!????
I had cleaned up and threw away before we moved and just haven't replace them
and yes I curse myself everytime I am cooking
I need to start adding to my grocery list and at least pick up one a week.

Day #13 Medicine Cabinet - Completed with Linen Closet Challenge its time to create !!!!!!!

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