Sunday, January 16, 2011

Organized Challenge Day #7 - Pantry.....or that other closet I keep shoving things in

Thank god we have today off from the challenge. I am FINALLY caught up !!! Tomorrow is Day #14 and well I just finished Day #7 (other days are already blogged about). The biggest challenge I am finding now is what to use to contain things. I know I need to purchase some more containers but the budget just isn't there for them so I just need to get creative. Now on to the Pantry. I did not take any before pics (I forgot) but if you look at myother before pics with my other closet you'll get the idea on how bad it

My pantry is in the kitchen and is about 2 ft deep. Fixed shelves (which I despise).Its your typical closet turned pantry. Don't get me wrong I love all the extra storage but I know the space could of been better utilized but with renting you can't just pull things apart.

Top shelf is overstock basically and small appliances
Baking Supplies, Drink Mixes and Mommy's Snacks
I had extra loaf pans I had picked up ages ago and used those to contain things
Sides, Pasta, Canned Goods, Pantry Staples
The 4 Year Olds Snacks, papergoods, and extra snacks
I put her snacks in a basket she knows she has to "ask" to have one this way she can go select what she would like to have (I do hide the sweet/good stuff from her
Trash Bags and other bottled items.

That's my Pantry all nice, clean, and organized
Yes I do need to go shopping
But I did make this pretty little thing to hang on the door

$1 frame from Michaels, Scrapbook Paper, Vinyl Letters from Dollar Tree
Paint and Ribbon

Bring on Day #14 !!!!!!!!

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