Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine Mail Pouch - Recycling

I absolutely love Pottery Barn and well yeah I can't afford Pottery Barn. I also love Pottery Barn Kids. I would drool over their catalog when I was pregnant and dreaming of the perfect nursery. Well reality check kicked in and I made my own version of things. Wish I had taken pics as I did but back then I wasn't blogging. I didn't even know blogging was a thing to

Ok so this morning while I was standing in the kitchen pondering breakfast the 4 year old wanted cereal. Easy peasy...breakfast done. I had the empty box on the counter and began thinking...hmmmmm...this might just work. I saw these last night and loved them. And I have seen others making version out of material. I can sew but I am not a great sewer, I keep it simple.

PB Kids Valentine Mail Bag

My Version of Valentine Mailbag
Using Cereal Box, Scrapbook Paper and Mod Podge

Step 1
I cut down the box by a third and put it aside this with become the flap
Step 2
Mod Podge front and place paper on (I found trimming after it dries works better than trying to measure the correct size)

Step 3
Continue same technique on all the other sides
(I used 2 different papers on mine)

Step 4
Take the piece you cut off the top and create you flap
I used double stick tape to put the flaps back together
Cover it with paper

Step 5
Attach the flap once dry and trimmed to the inside of the box.
I just used hot glue, I did not finish the inside of the flap but you can
I probaly will when I make another one.

Step 6
Add your embellishments
Ribbon, flowers, tulle...whatever you have on hand

Step 7
Attach ribbon on the back to hang

Step 8
Hang it up !!!!!

The 4 Year old loves Princesses so her "frog prince" will bring her some treats for Valentines day

Now I through this together in less than an hour. I did not wait long for it to dry.
I will probably make another one. I did have some trouble with the top flap lining up perfectly but it was because I did not measure it. I suggest that to put your paper all over the flap even though you won't see it that way you'll have a clean seam.

Let me know if you give this a try, I would love to see other ideas.

Happy Crafting !!!!

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