Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Pillow, The 5 Year Old and My Mom's 25th Birthday

My Mom's Birthday is this week.
She is going to be 25.
We are celebrating tommorrow with shopping and lunch.
But what is a Birthday without a present.
Now my Mom doesn't like me spending alot of money on her.
It would be easier if I actually had it.
So what does one do?


I had been wanting to try this printing on fabric thing.
I was nervous.
I didn't want to hurt my printer
I sucked it up and tried it.

And it WORKED !!!
No problems.
This could be dangerous now.
But now back to her present.

I made a pillow with the 5 year olds photo on it.
I love how this came out.
I printed my photo in black and white onto muslin.
Stitched it to a napkin that I had.
(I did place another piece of muslin behind the photo becasue of the darker color)
Made up some rosettes and stitched a bunch of buttons.
I love how it came out.

Now she had a chair reupolstered recently.
And the fabric she chose was to die for.
I stole asked her for the extra pieces she had.

So now she has a pretty little pillow.
With her Grandaughter's smiling face on it.
For her new chair.
That someday will be mine.

What to try printing on Fabric?
I used the spray adhesive onto cardstock method.
Check out all of the tips and tutorials over at Polish the Stars .

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