Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Plates - Kitchen Inspiration

I had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating my Mom's birthday with shopping and lunch.
Of course we had cupcakes with the 5 year old after school.

Happy Birthday Mom !!!

My Mom likes a good bargain just like me.
She had seen a plate at Dillard's that she really like.
It was on clearance but she wasn't able to get it.
So yesterday we went to the store near me.
And did we score !!!
Not only did she get the platter she wanted.
We got a few more.
Clearance was an additional 50% off

I fell in love with the pattern
This is my new kitchen inspiration.


My Kitchen is white.
Well.... off white really.

Mom bought me three of each of the plates.
I love my Mom.

I am so excited about these.
I need to work on coming up with some new ideas.
Pinterest here I come !!!
I love Pinterest too.

Have you ever had that one thing inspire your decorating ideas?

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