Friday, October 7, 2011

Batty Coffee Filter Wreath (Sneak Peek of Halloween Mantel)

I made another wreath.
I have been a little obsessed about making them lately.
I actually made this one a while ago.
But I wanted to spookify it.
For my Halloween Mantel.
Because the 5 Year Old wants Halloween decorations.

So while she was at school today switched out my Fall Mantel
But more on that later.
The Fall Wreath came down.

And my Batty Coffee Filter Wreath went up.

Supplies needed:

Styrofoam Wreath Form
2 packages of brown coffee filters
Glue Gun
Black Wire
Black Card Stock
A good movie

Now there are a ton of tutorials on how to make this type of wreath
I found a bat template
Traced it onto the card stock
and cut it out.
Attached the wire to the bat with glue
Stuck wire into the wreath.
I did not glue the wire to the wreath
So I can remove the bats
And reuse the wreath.
I used some fabric to tie it to the top of my mirror.

The centerpiece of my Halloween Mantel.
And the 5 Year Old.....
Loves it !!!!!

Partying with my Friends.....

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me Thursday

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  1. Ughhhh so I just realized that I left you this nice long winded comment about this amazing mantle and about how I love that you changed your decor for the 5 year old...andd how I think it is pretty cool taht the 5 year old likes decor... buttttt then I forgot to stick around and do the word verification.... soooo boo! Butttt here is my atempt once again to try and say WOW!!! I sure love that wreath!!!



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