Saturday, December 3, 2011

How a State Stole Christmas......

Yes I have been ignoring my blog.
I am stuck.
I am stuck on what to do/decorate/craft for Christmas.
I have started things.
They have been put aside.
I have loads of ideas.
But none seem to come to life.
Christmas in Florida is different.
Very different.
I am still wearing shorts and flip flops.
All of my windows in my home are open.
The mornings have a little chill.
In the 50's.
That is a heat wave in New England.

I'll admit I am having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year.
Where is the cold ?
The dreary days of winter?
Having to bundle up to go outside?
Being able to sip hot chocolate without breaking a sweat?
The snow?

I helped my Mom decorate for Christmas at her house over Thanksgiving.
I have dragged all of my Christmas stuff out of storage.
It is sitting in the dining room.
I did manage to get the tree up.
The 5 year old went crazy decorating it.
And I have not re-worked any of the misplaced ornaments.
So the tree looks lopsided.

Oh well.....
 Christmas is going to come whether I am in the spirit or not.
The 5 year old is excited.
We saw Santa today.
She told him her list....twice.
And that we will be at Grammie's for Christmas this year....three times.
And she did not want to get off his lap.

Only the 5 year old.

I hope to get my "act" together this week.
Because Santa is coming in 22 days !!!!!

Yeah the 5 year old has an Advent Calender.
Thanks to her Tete.

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