Thursday, January 5, 2012

Being a 5 year old can be exhausting

Last night after supper I settled down in front of the computer
The 5 year old was playing in her room
After about 30 minutes I realized it was to quiet
She is up to something I thought

I quietly opened her door and saw her laying in bed watching a movie
She does that alot and did not give it a second thought
Until I looked closer and saw this

She was sound asleep.
I guess being back at school for 2 days after the Holiday break did her in.
Seriously it was only 5:30pm
I nudged her to wake up and said lets get cleaned up and get our pajamas on
She replied no Mommy I am just resting my eyes.
So I left her there.
An hour and a half later
I found her in the same position.
Off went the movie out went the light.

It seems that being a 5 year old is exhausting.

1 comment:

  1. I love that.. I wish my son would do that .. but he is 8 and says he isn't not sleepy and way past nap time. LOL.. she is adorable.. and I loved her respons "no Mommy I am just resting my eyes."



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