Saturday, January 28, 2012

Silly Saturdays

One of my things I want to do is to grow my blog.
It's something I do love and I want to discover it more.

I have been debating whether to start designating days.
Fun things, Creative things, Life
In general it will give me something to blog about
Because somedays..... I got nothing.

So let me introduce "Silly Saturdays"
I will share one of my adventures with the 5 year old.
And trust me the week is filled with them.
I just need to remember the camera.

I have been working on my new Creative Space
So I would not take over the Dining Room table anymore.
So far its been working great and I am loving it.
(Reveal of my new space is next week)
So now I have a nice clear table that we can actually dine at.
Well unless the 5 year old is around......
This is now my Dining Room table
(my new Creative Space is behind those louvered doors)

All of her little friends have taken up residence.
Grammie came to visit and they played on the table
After Grammie left her little friends didn't
"Nooooooo.... Mommy it needs to stay this way"
So I let it stay, for now
I let it stay for 4 four days.

Lalaloospy says "Hi!"

Then I issued an eviction notice.

And got the Dining Room table back.

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