Thursday, July 19, 2012

Christmas in July - Felt Gingerbread Men - Ornament #3

Due to the weather Ornament #3 was delayed.
It wasn't sunny in Florida.

May I present Ornament #3
Felt Gingerbread Men

I love this little guy.
Quick and simple.


Embroidery thread (either to match or contrast)
Assorted buttons
Half round beads (I believe I found these at Michael's)
Gingerbread Man Template
Scissors, Needles, Tacky Glue

Now you could add a little stuffing inside them
But I like them flat.
The Blanket Stitch is not as hard as it seems.
There are alot of great tutorials out there on it.
I am still practicing myself.

Now you have a finished Gingerbread man.
Just add some twine and you can have.....

You can do other shapes too.....

Yeah I have been busy.
Great way to use up your felt scraps.
I am thinking a little tree needs to be done.

Ornament #4 with be out later today.
and Ornament #5 tommorrow.
This week has gone by fast.
Just think Christmas is only 159 days away.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hanging out with my Friends....

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