Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Christmas in July - Yarn Lollipop & Candy Ornament

Another Day Another Ornament
Now this one is a revamped ornament
Because I love it
And because it is the mostly viewed post on my blog
Seriously I see it everywhere !!!
And I can't find anymore of the material I used to create it
And yes I have sobbed over this.
Presenting Ornament #2
Yarn Lollipop & Candy Ornament

The Original Lollipop Ornament

Tutorial here

So I needed to change some things.
I have been taking a knitting class so I have been buying yarn.
(more on the class later)
So the "yarn" version was born

Instead of just using the yarn how it was
I did a single crochet stitch
(trust me its easy)
After I made the new version
I knew I needed a companion to it
Presenting the Yarn Wrapped Candy Ornament
Who doesn't love candy????
Yarn - I actually used crochet thread (Aunt Lydia's)
Crochet Hook
Round wood circles (found at Michael's)
Ribbon or Twine
Scissors, glue gun

I cut the contact paper 8"x8" and then trimmed after I wrapped it
(best thing was is stuck to itself no glue needed)
Add some pretty ribbon or twine

I also pulled out my mini stamps......

Of course I made mine pink
We all know the 5 year old LOVES pink
But any color would be fun.

Thanks for stopping by. 
And remember to come back tommorrow for another one.
Happy Christmas in July.

Hanging out with my Friends.....

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