Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet Mr & Mrs Spider....

Been crafting away...
Decorating for Halloween.
The 6 year old wants more than pumpkins this year.
Spiders, Bats and Skeletons...oh my.
I wanted them cute and not creepy.
I don't do creepy.

Meet Mr and Mrs Spider.

I used my trusty Pom Pom Maker for the body
Added chenille stem legs
Big googly eyes
And of course Mrs Spider needed an orange plaid bow.
And their web is black and white twine.

Their just hanging out of some branches
Waiting for Halloween to arrive.
Watching the 6 year old
And making sure she behaves.
(hey it works....some of the time)

I just need to finish up adding a few more touches to Halloween
(I was going to keep it simple this year)
I just keep adding and adding !!!

More Halloween to come.

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