Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cookies and Crafts for Sandy Hook.... (#BloggersforSandyHook)

As I stood at the bus stop on Friday afternoon
Thoughts just kept running through my head
It could happen here too
You see my daughter is six years old
and she is in the first grade

She got an extra tight hug that afternoon.

I cannot imagine what the parents are going through
How hard it would be for your child not to get off the bus ever again
We might never know the answers
My heart aches for those families in Newtown, CT

I had a list of things that I wanted to get done this weekend
All those last minute Holiday preparations that need to be taken care off.
That list got tossed aside.

This weekend consisted of snuggling on the couch
Movie watching, book reading, cookie baking (and eating)
parades, concerts, and building doll house furniture.

The news was left off because I did not know how to answer those questions she might have
How could a six year old truly understand
Because at 42, I surely don't.

We attended a Holiday Concert this past Saturday too at our local library
After the performance was done an older woman approached my daughter
and asked if she could hug her.
She explained to me that her grandson who was six lived far away
and she just need to hug a child.
Their embrace brought tears not only to my eyes but other people surrounding us.
This tragedy has truly put an ache in my heart.

It really hard to know what to do.
How can we help as a Blogger?
I plan on participating in this event.

And maybe this might take some of that ache away.

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