Sunday, February 24, 2013

Boy it is dusty in here..........

Boy is it dusty in here.

All I can hear in my head is 
The banging of hammers and
the buzz of the saws
As I attempt to give my blog a little makeover.

I think it is done.
Not sure though
I just can't figure how I want it to look
I put things on, I take things away......again and again.
But I am beginning to think the dust bunnies are going to take over for Easter.

So I plan on being back
Getting things done.
Not that I haven't been getting things done
Just not on the blog.
2013 has become to year to purge
I am beginning to think the 6 year old is getting scared
I haven't attacked her room as of yet
Because I am cleaning out
Using what I have on hand
And saying "Make it work"
(I love Tim Gunn)

I have been pinning
Drooling over other projects going on in blogland
and trying to figure out how to get things done on a small budget
Little by little the projects will get done.
I need my creative spark to kick back in
After I pull out the dustbuster !!!!

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