Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tea Party Day.... { the 6 year old turns 7 }

The 6 year old turned 7 this week.
So we has a little party for her last weekend.
She requested a Tea Party
Her favorite color is PINK.

I posted on Instagram a few photos of my projects
(Follow me on Instagram here)

My "Happy Birthday" Banner was one of my favorite things I made
Burlap, Pink Polka Dots and Gold Chevron
(my secret for the chevron letters......washi tape !!!)

The table setting was simple and I pulled together pieces I had
And I borrowed what I needed.

I made the pink flowers using this tutorial
I had so much fun making these, I scalloped my edges more.
(I can't wait to make these in some fall colors)

The place cards became the party favors

And course the Birthday Cake
(I forgot to take pictures of the other treats I made)
Everything was yummy !!!

Even my "lady" (that's what she calls her) got dressed for the occasion

I used my Pom Pom Maker to make Tulle Balls
And I had dyed brown coffee filters too which added a tinge of pink.

It was a fun day with just the three of us
Me, the 7 year old and Grammie.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Patriotic Mantel.....{and a sneak peek at my Outdoor Fantel}

My poor Mantel has been neglected.
I have done things I just haven't photographed it.
My Mom keeps asking why ??? .... {lol}

So I pulled some things I had on hand
And had myself a Red, White, and Turquoise collection.

I have been addicted to making paper lollies too.

I added some to my Coffee Filter Wreath
{I glued toothpicks to the backside of the lollies so they can be removed}

It's a fun, happy, and my ode to July 4th kind of Mantel.

Red Tin Mirror - Christmas Tree Shop (years ago)
Turquoise Metal Bike - Michael's
Round Scalloped Frame - Michael's
Assorted Scrapbook Papers - Hobby Lobby
Large Frame - Thrift Shop

I also have been working on the outside.
And I created my Outdoor version of a Mantel.

My Outdoor Fantel
{Paper + Hot Glue + Florida Humidity = Craft Fail}
Most of this stuff got moved inside
And now I need to re-think my outside decor.

Hanging Out with My Friends.....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet four legged, furry sister

There is a new addition in our family.
I got a new sister.
The four legged, furry kind of sister.

Meet Molly.
She is a retired Greyhound.
My Mom rescued (adopted) her
She is the sweetest, biggest, couch potato you ever met.

My Mom worked with a great organization in her adoption.
It is truly amazing what these people do.

So welcome Molly to the family
She just might pop up here and there on my blog.
And who knows what trouble the 6 year old and her can get into.


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