Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What does a Mommy do when no one is around ????? ..............

Each day I keep thinking I should write on my blog and then something else distracts me. This has been a repeating occurence that has been going on lately....lol. To blog or not to blog. I love doing it, I miss doing it went I don't. Sharing the computer with the hubs doesn't let me have me blogging freedom.

Funny thing is the hubs took the 4 year old away for a few days. YES !!! Four days to myself, four days of quiet, four days of no questions......four days of me sitting on the couch channel surfing, watching dvds, flipping through magazines and eating whatever whenever I want. Thats what happened. Fours days of nothing. NO crafts, NO blog, and NO catching up with things (I will admit I did spend a few hours cleaning but thats is it) Kinda funny right ??? I was excited when he said he was going and the projects I could accomplish. Yeah right. Want does a Mommy do when no one is around ? NOTHING !!!!!

So now I sit here figuring I need to catch up on my blog. I have no thoughts, I have no current projects photographed to post, and no new ideas to share. But the upside to all this is that it is time for vacation !!!!!

Yup thats right, tommorrow I'm leaving on a jet plane.......
(singing.......don't know when I'll be back again.......lol)
Not to see the Mouse but to see my Mom.
Warm weather, sunshine and Grammie to spoil the 4 year old.
Priceless !!!!!

yes I chopped  cut the 4 years old hair for the trip

Off to pack and paint some piggy toes.......

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