Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yes I eventually returned from Florida

Yes I eventually returned from Florida. Yes it was hard. Yes I didn't want to come back. Yes spending a week in 70 degree weather with sunshine everyday can do that to you. And yes I missed you guys !!!
The 4 year old enjoying the pool

Family Vacation = NO Blogging

So I'm back, well I have been back, lurking at everyone elses ideas and falling in love with so many I can't even think where to begin. I get inspired everyday.

Alot has been going on, big decisions are being made.
The kind that can shake up everything.
Unfortunately I can't share just yet.....we need to finalize some things.
Don't worry, I'll share soon.

Meanwhile I have been crafting and I have realized I haven't even started to decorate for Spring.
The snow we got yesterday hasn't helped the issue.
It was a nice April Fool's Day surprise....NOT
I'll post soon what I have been doing.

Yeah and my "Fantle" still has touches of Valentine's Day on it.
Need to fix that.

or the sharks might eat us.

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