Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's Be Merry........Holiday Wreath

I wanted to do something different for my front door.
Something like a wreath.
Something outside the box.
Not the same old thing.

So let's BE MERRY !!!

I had these skates I had picked up years ago.
They are made from felt and cardboard.
I changed out the rope laces for some pretty red ribbon.

I used a frame I had and painted it a leaf green.
Tied on the skates using ribbon and fabric.

I found these wooden tags at Joann's for $1.00 for 12.
Painted them white and used sticker letters.
And clipped them with small clothespins painted red to a piece of twine.
(I glued small magnets to the back on the frame so it would stay put)

Very easy to switch my saying after the holidays.

So let's BE MERRY and enjoy this Holiday Season.

Hanging out with my friends.....

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