Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Handmade Holiday - Mom's Sign

This was the year I was making Handmade Gifts.
This was the year I actually stuck to it.
I accomplished Handmade Gifts for everyone on my list.
Well accept the 5 year old.
Her list did not contain the Handmade vibe.

My Mom has been looking for a sign for her den
Nothing was big enough
Good enough
Or said what she wanted.

Come in Christmas.
Ok Mom I'll make you a sign.
Then I got an email saying OK make me a sign
This is what I want it to say
Details, Details, Details.

Just Another Day in Paradise
(yes she likes Jimmy Buffet)
And her Retirement in Florida

I actually never really made a sign before
I have seen them all over the place
On blogs, Pinterest, Esty

It was easy, I might be addicted
and my Mom might be plotting more.

Trip to Home Depot
A nice man cut the size I needed because nothing in the scrap bin worked
Some paint, Stencils, Paint Marker and a Sander
And a hammer to make the extra dents.
She wanted it "Distressed"

Yes I used stencils and freehanded some of it
(I am still dreaming of a Silhoutte)

So there you have it
Mom's Christmas present
Part of my Handmade Christmas

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