Monday, January 2, 2012

Handmade Holiday - Snowflake Crayons

Since the 5 year old is now in Kindergarten
We needed a little treat for her classmates
Giving any type of food/candy is frowned upon
So we came up with an idea that we had done last winter.
And the 5 year old did most of the work.....hehehe

Simple, easy and cost effective.

Step 1.

I purchased this pan for around $3 last year after Christmas
I only use it for making crayons

Step 2.

Have the 5 year old peel alot of crayons while watching cartoons.

Step 3.

Place broken crayons in individual cups.
I sprayed the pan with cooking spray (something like Pam)
We used 4 crayons per cup.
And mixed up the colors or you could use the same.

Step 4.

Place pan in pre-heated oven of 275 degrees
For approx 7-8 minutes
I did place a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper under the pan
 just in case something might spill
Let pan completely cool or place in freezer to speed up process.

I bagged them up in cellophane bags with a ribbon
(which I forgot to photograph)

 A definate hit with her Classmates and Teacher
Need to find some different pans to work with.
Even small muffin tins would work too.

A couple of hints.
Remember to stock up on crayons with the Back to School sales
When you can get them for .25 cents a box
I used cheap Dollar Store crayons
They worked, color selection wasn't as nice
And honestly is there nothing better than a new box of Crayola crayons?

I actually did add a little blank coloring book that I stitched up using scrapbook paper
and blank copy paper.

I actually got the idea for the Booklets over at Jones Design Company
Just another Blog I love !!!

Pretty much the only snowflakes we'll see around here this winter.

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