Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Princess and Her Castle

The Holiday came and went.
The 5 year old had a wonderful time.
We had Christmas at Grammie's this year.
One of the great things about living in Florida now.
Despite it being 85 degrees Christmas Day.
Santa (and Grammie) spoiled her rotten.

Santa got it right this year.
And she could not be happier.

Have you seen this castle ???
She has been asking for it since August.
So we knew Santa better come through.
(Thank god for Amazon and Black Friday deals is all I can say)
It's just about as big as her.
And it came with EVERYTHING a princess could need.
This Elf should know.....
(I had the pleasure of putting it all together)

And of course she got some new friends too.....

These are the best things that the Disney Store has.
Plush Princess Dolls.
She had gotten some last year and they go everywhere.
So we needed to add to the family.
And now 4 Princess's that have to go everywhere.

Hope your Holiday was filled with joy and happiness.
And looking forward to 2012.

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